Bit of an Update

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The funeral was yesterday and it was beautiful. My grandmother was a Catholic so it was held at the church she (and my grandfather) attended for many years. My grandfathers funeral was also held here.

The coffin was covered in gorgeous flowers-too many kinds to name. One of my aunts had put together a slide show of photos of my grandmothers life. There were photos all the way back from when she was a baby. I did one of the readings as part of the Eulogy. I chose a poem that my grandmother wrote (she had a talent for poetry). I managed to read this out without crying or breaking down which was my aim. I was very proud of myself as I thought I would be too upset to follow through.

Afterwards, all the immediate family gathered down at my grandma's favourite beach spot. We had a picnic and spent the afternoon sitting in the sun. A perfect way to honour her memory as she would have loved to be doing this.

My family are all thrilled that I am having a baby. We have already received a few more presents (totally unexpected). One of which is a gorgeous baby blanket crocheted by my aunt (one of my mum's sisters). It is just beautiful-rainbow coloured and so soft. My grandmother actually helped her wind the yarn and choose the colours, so there is a little part of her in the blanket. I will post a photo when I remember to take one.

I went back to work today and decided that it was time to start sharing our news there too. Everyone I have told so far has been so happy and excited for me. With a few ladies who I am closer to I explained that we had to use IVF to get here but I don't think it's something I will disclose to everyone. I told my supervisor when I spoke to her on the phone this afternoon and she took the news well..I guess it's to be expected from a married person my age (sort of). She didn't have long to talk but we will speak again tomorrow and I will start the ball rolling to apply for my maternity leave!

DH is still home for another week which is lovely. We think his roster will be changing when he goes back to work which is quite annoying as we are currently trying to plan a holiday to New Zealand for sometime in August or September. It's mainly a trip to catch up with DH's relos, but also a chance for us to have a bit of a getaway before blob joins us next year. So now we have to hold off on booking any flights until we know what DH's work is going to do...


Kelli said...

It sounds as though the funeral and beach gathering were just lovely. I love that your grandmother had her love involved in the blanket. That makes it so, so special. Have fun sharing your news! xxoo

Stinky said...

Yay, if you come through Wellington, come and have a cuppa with me!