Happy News!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Well, I didn't wet myself and thankfully the scan place was running on time!!

We went in and got straight down to business. The tech had to ask me a couple of questions and then we got to the good part...viewing our little blob!

An immediate sigh of relief from myself when she pointed out it's little heart beating away and a second sigh of relief when she noted that blob was moving around. After that you couldn't wipe the smile off my face..or DH's for that matter!

Tech was impressed at how well behaved our little one was being. She got all her measurements done really quickly and without any trouble. She kept saying 'oh this baby is being so good to me'.

We got to see every inch of blob. I can't believe how thorough the tech was. It was great. She said everything looked perfect. I know we have to wait until the scan is combined with the blood tests for the risk factor of downs, but I'm fairly confident we will be low risk.

One of the best parts was hearing the heartbeat. DH hasn't heard this before so he was rapt! The smile on his face throughout the scan was just gorgeous!!

So feeling more confident about our chances of having a baby to take home..we decided to announce our news to friends, family and Facebook.

I decided to go for a slightly humorous approach to my Facebook post, whilst still trying to not hurt anyone who may be dealing with TTC & IF. It went a little like this...

IVF cycles: $15 000
Injections & medications: $4000
Doctors bills: $3000
Baby due 14/01/2012: PRICELESS!!

DH decided to go for a more simple approach and posted 'I'm going to be a dad'.

Our family members (who didn't already know) are very happy and excited for us. My mum was just uber happy when we took round the scan photos to show her and dad. She was also very excited to be able to share the secret she has been keeping! It was nice to see her so happy and smiling.

Great response from our friends, especially those who have known about our IVF journey for awhile now. Though I have yet to hear from my pregnant friend (the one who is due not long after Bubble would have been born). Which is slightly confusing...but I am not going to let that ruin our happy moment. We have waited so long for this and I don't want to let anyone or anything spoil it!

Here's a couple of my favourite shots from today's scan..I am totally besotted with this little bubba already!


saranissa said...

Congratulations Summa, I have been eagerly anticipating this post! Wishing you a happy and healthy next 6 months! X

Kat said...

Great news!

You know, that's how I was thinking of announcing if/when it happens. Not the exact wording, but definitely with a reference to the infertility treatment we've been through.

Have a good weekend.

Amanda said...

Congratulations!! I love your creative FB post. What sweet pictures xo

Baby Hopes said...

I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!!!

Krista said...

Beautiful pictures sweetie! I'm so glad you guys were able to make the big announcement on FB...what a special moment!!

babycrazykiwi said...

Yay congrats again. Love the FB post...

Marissa said...

You have a moving, heart-beating Blob!!! congratulations!! And congrats on having the courage to announce it on Facebook. :)