It's Today!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our NT scan is in a few short hours. I am nervous. Really hoping to see a perfect baby and hear a heartbeat, but my paranoia has stepped in and keeps throwing the 'what ifs' into the mix.

DH believes it will all be fine and I am worrying for no reason. I would dearly love to be proven wrong in this situation!

Baby got it's first present from grandma and grandpa (my parents) yesterday.

Isn't he cute?!

Mum decided that she has waited long enough to start buying baby things. I think too that focusing on our baby will help her work through her grief and give her something positive and happy to focus on, rather than dwelling on her mothers death.

She picked this toy, not because she thinks baby is a boy, but because it was the closest to gender neutral that she could find.

Well I best prepare myself to fill up with water and hope that I don't wet myself trying to hold it in!

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Diana said...

How sweet Is that stuffed animal! :) hope ur visit is full of happy tears. :)

Baby Hopes said...

I love the gift your mother gave you! Eagerly looking forward to your update!

Marissa said...

Fingers crossed for you, hon!

Also, I think that toy is adorable and totally gender neutral!!

Stinky said...

Awww cute toy

Hope the scan went swimmingly