A Third of the Way...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

12 weeks! Never thought I would get this far into a pregnancy so it's quite exciting! I've noticed some bloggers doing a bit of a questionare for each week of their pregnancy, and I've wanted to join in with something similar...anyway I have finally found something a little bit different. The questions are actually out of one of the pregnancy books I am reading. It's called 'Up The Duff' and it's written by an Australian woman-Kaz Cooke. It takes a bit of a humourous look at pregnancy, while still being informative. I like it. She has some questions at the end of each week (well not every week) so you can keep a bit of a record of your pregnancy journey. So I'm going to steal them and use them for my blog! I probably should go back and look at the earlier weeks questions, but for now I'll leave you with a conbination of Week 10 and 12.

Now that you're getting close to the end of the first trimester, who have you told?

My mum and dad, my sister and her partner, DH's mum, Greensprout & Nani (2 blogging friends who I see in RL), plus of course anyone who reads my blog or posts on BubHub knows too!

This list will grow once we have our NT scan next week...after this we plan on going public!

What was their reaction?

Everyone has been really happy and excited and nervous for us (as they all found out as soon as we did..bar DH's mum who we told around the 8 week mark). Even DH's mum (who I didn't expect much of a reaction from) was actually really sweet when we told her.

If the baby's dad is on the scene, how does he seem to be reacting?

DH seems to be getting more excited as the weeks pass. He was nervous at first and reluctant to get excited until we passed the milestone of when I miscarried last pregnancy. After that he grew more confident that this pregnancy was actually going to result in a baby. Every time I talk to him on the phone while he is away at work he checks to see how I am feeling, what I have been eating, and double checks how far along I am (although he seems to remember this on his own mostly). It's very sweet.

What is he looking forward to? Does he have any worries?

I think he is really looking forward to the NT scan, though I think he is more keen for the 18-20 week scan when we can find out the sex of blob. He also seems to be quite keen to start work on blob's room.

I suppose his worries are the same as mine...that I will miscarry again. But as we get further and further along in the pregnancy I think he is relaxing more.


AJ said...

Congrats on 12 weeks and here's to a happy 2nd and 3rd trimester!! I love your new blog design too!

China Doll said...

Congrats on 12 weeks! Such a great milestone xx