Halfway There!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yup...20 weeks today. 20 weeks of pregnancy down and 20 to go!

I can't help but keep wondering how did I get here so quickly?? It doesn't feel like that long ago that I was pill popping for our FET cycle and then receiving the news of our BFP. Time seems to be flying...I hope the next 20 weeks doesn't pass quite so quickly otherwise we will have a baby here and won't be ready!!

So what's new?

-I am beginning to feel movements more often and on a much more regular basis. It seems like our little guy is not a morning person as I don't feel much from him until after lunchtime! Late afternoons/early evenings seem to be when I feel the most movement. I don't think it's quite at the point where I am feeling proper kicks though. It's such a surreal feeling to know that what I am feeling is a little person wriggling around inside of me. I don't think I will ever get sick of feeling it!! Cannot wait until DH is able to feel something from the outside. I think it will make him feel more connected to bubba. I can see why guys can feel so left out of the pregnancy process now too!

-Experienced my first proper craving this week. Baby wants milkshakes. Chocolate milkshakes to be precise..with vanilla ice cream. I am finding this to be the most bizarre part of my pregnancy so far. Mainly because prior to pregnancy I was not a big fan of dairy. In fact I think I suffered slightly from lactose intolerance. Too much dairy (cheese, milk, ice cream) used to make me feel quite sick and would go straight through me in a rather timely manner. But now it seems not only am I wanting to drink down litres of milk...it's not upsetting my digestive system...AT ALL! So I have stocked up on milkshake supplies and have been having at least 1 a day...very tasty!

-Have made some more progress on the baby building site (AKA baby's room). Holes (from where the wall was pulled down) were patched with plaster before DH left for work. Yesterday my dad came round on his day off (isn't he a good grand dad to be?) and sanded the plaster. Huge, white powdery mess everywhere now....but being such an awesome dad...he is coming back on Monday to help me clean it all up! I think he is more excited about getting this room done then DH or I! So once DH comes home, the room will be ready for painting!!

-I called up the HR department at work on Thursday to find out about my maternity leave entitlements and how to go about applying for this leave. I am entitled to 26 weeks paid leave, and I will then take another 26 weeks unpaid. So will be able to have about a year off to spend with bubba. I will finish up when we close down for Christmas/New Year break so I have worked out I only have around 16 and a half weeks of work left (not that I'm counting or anything...)!!

-Have tentatively started discussing my baby shower with my mum and sister (who will be doing the bulk of the organising etc). I know baby showers are not for everyone, but I am so looking forward to having one! It's something I often day dreamed about while TTC. It's not going to be too OTT though. I am not into playing lots of silly games. I want it to be more about catching up with my closest friends and family before baby arrives...oh and maybe a small part of me is dying to be centre of attention for an afternoon!


Amber said...

Hey there, just found your blog and wanted to say congratulations on the soon-to-be addition to your family. Your cravings seem a lot like mine during my pregnancy. I'm not really a huge fan of ice cream but while I was pregnant with my son, I loved getting banana splits from Baskin Robbins. Crazy what pregnancy will do to you isn't it?

Babylicious said...

I LOVED milkshakes too! I practically lived on Jamocha shakes during my third trimester. I'd slip out on my prep to run to Arby's! Then I started making them at home...I miss being able to do that. Enjoy it while you can!

Kelli said...

Holy cow! Time is flying by so fast!! I am so glad you are enjoying your milkshakes. That is so great you get such a long maternity leave....enjoy!!! And enjoy all the planning...sounds like fun!

Jenny said...

Wow - halfway already, that's great! I agree on the not getting sick of the movements. I read someone complaining about not being able to sleep because of all the kicks and I thought I'd LOVE to have kicks keeping me up all night lol! Great news about work, I hope the next 16w fly by, and have fun planning the baby shower - absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be the centre of attention for an afternoon!

Angela_F said...

Congrats on reaching the half way mark : )

When my hubbie was struggling to feel any movements, he put his ear to my belly. Sometimes he could hear things that he couldn't feel.

Rachel said...

Congrats on reaching the half way mark! Wow you get a lot of time off, that is wonderful! I only get 6 weeks paid and 6 weeks unpaid (US stinks for vacation and maternity leave). I think it great you get enough time to recover and take care of your little one :)

♥ Cass said...

WOW how time flys hey?! How exciting though that you are this far and in no time at all you will have your little man in your arms. Glad things are going so well for you and your enjoying all those milkshake ;) xx