Placenta Issues

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I had my ob appointment yesterday and I must say, I like my ob more and more after each appointment. She is so warm and friendly and took the time to answer the million questions I had written down for her. I am really pleased with my choice of care provider and know I am in good hands.

Had a quick chat first to see how I had been going since I saw her last (6 weeks ago). She took my blood pressure and asked a few standard questions. Then asked if I had managed to have my morph scan done. For some reason the report hadn't come through to her so she got her receptionist to chase this up while she did a quick scan to check on bubs progress.

The little fella is still doing well. Wasn't quite as wiggly as what he was last week for the morph scan. He looked very relaxed. Laying back with arms behind his head and legs bent...just chilling out in there! There were a few little kicks and waves as she checked him out. Saw once again that he is definitely a he...seriously I will be in total shock if this kid comes out and we are told it's a girl! I had mentioned to the ob that the scan tech had told me my placenta was on the low side, so next up was checking this out....

Well, it turns out the scan tech had sort of underplayed my placenta issues. It's not just low, it's actually partially covering my cervix. Not the best of news. So at this stage I will have another scan at around 34 weeks to see what the placenta is doing. If it doesn't move enough off the cervix then bubs will most likely be delivered by c-section. Ob didn't seem too optimistic once she had looked for herself (and then read the the scan report) that it will move, but said it is possible. In the mean time I have to be on the watch for any spotting or bleeding and report it to the ob straight away...oh and if the placenta moves more and completely covers the cervix then there will be no sex for us (sure DH will be thrilled if this happens).

While I am a little bummed that trying to deliver naturally is not looking like a possible avenue for me, I keep reminding myself that I had not set a birth plan for this very reason. I promised myself I would be open to all options and that in the end doing whatever was in the best interest of bubs and myself would be the way to go. So if a c-section is the safest option, then so be it. On the up side, this may make it easier to ensure that DH is here for the birth as a c-section is a lot easier to plan in advance for (as long as there are no problems earlier).

I did briefly touch on the matter of DH working away and the possibility of a social induction (if my placenta decides to behave itself) and my ob is most willing to do whatever she can to meet our needs. So that's a relief.

I also touched on weight gain...I have been a little concerned as despite not suffering morning sickness and managing to eat and eat and eat, I am still sitting at -5kg from my starting pregnancy weight. I figured by this stage of the pregnancy I should be starting to gain! The ob reassured me that because bub is looking healthy and growing at the correct rate that there is nothing to be concerned about, especially if I am eating healthily. Obviously he is sucking all the nutrients he needs from me! And I can't say I am complaining about the lack of weight being put on...though I am sure it's coming!!!

And on an unpleasant note..I have thrush. Placing blame squarely on the antibiotics I took a few weeks ago. Got something from the chemist to treat it now (after trying all the natural remedies), so hopefully it stays away for a while. The ob did remind me that some women suffer with it on and off their entire pregnancy..hoping I'm not one of them.

I also paid my pregnancy management fee (goodbye $1900) but was happy that I got some of this back from Medicare. So all in all, a fairly eventful appointment!

Not much else happening in my world. DH is home tomorrow for 2 weeks which is great. I think this past stint away has gone quickly which makes for a nice change. Hopefully we will get some more done on baby's room while he is here! Next step is deciding on what colour to paint the room...I have also found some lovely furniture that I want to take a look at before we buy.


Anonymous said...

Beta, glad to hear all is well with bub! I wouldn't worry too much about the placenta at this stage, I have known several people with partial praevia and in each case as the baby and the uterus have grown, the placenta has moved up. And if it doesn't, well a c-section isn't all that bad as long as you have plenty of support during the first few weeks. X

babycrazykiwi said...

Lovely to hear bubs is good. Sorry to hear of the placenta issue and thrush though. Hope it all sorts itself out for you. Take care.

lostintranslation said...

Hope the placenta will decide to move up so you can have a natural birth. But if not, like you said, do what's best for the baby and yourself.