22 Weeks-The Highlights

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Been a crazy week. I survived my work trip besides the sub-par accommodation myself and 2 other colleagues were booked into. We were not impressed. Luckily it was only for 2 nights. Not sure if baby enjoyed the plane ride. After we landed he was kicking around like crazy so I think the bumpy landing may have startled him!

I am feeling so much more movement and many more kicks now. I was in a work meeting on Monday afternoon and I felt 13 kicks in a minute (yup I timed and counted..it was a very boring meeting!). I did have a fleeting moment of doubt yesterday morning as I hadn't felt much the past 24 hours so pulled out the Doppler. Found the heartbeat almost straight away and in the process of doing this we must have woken him up!

The best moment of the week for me was yesterday morning. DH and I were lying in bed when bub started kicking and going crazy. I grabbed DH's hand and placed it on my belly to see if he could feel anything...and he did!! The look on his face was just gorgeous and he was so excited to finally be able to feel our little guy. Such a special moment that I will cherish forever.

We finally picked our paint for the baby's room and today we started painting. Looking good so far, but still a way to go. Will post pics once the painting is completely finished.

DH seems to be a lot more connected to this pregnancy and to baby now. I think the combination of knowing the gender, the fact that he can actually feel kicks and see my expanding belly have all helped. He is talking about bub more to me, rubbing my belly and talking to our little guy. It's lovely to be able to share my enthusiasm with him!

I am having some issues with back pain at the moment (especially while trying to sleep) so I am now looking into massage and acupuncture to get some relief before it gets much worse. I am hoping either (or both) of these will be the solution to a better nights sleep!

Milkshakes still seem to be my only craving. I can't believe I haven't gotten sick of them yet! I will admit that I missed them immensely while I was away for work.

Oh and for those who asked..the bat suit from my last post was from Cotton On Kids.


Kelli said...

That's so sweet to read about your hubs!! Can't wait to see your nursery color!!

Baby Hopes said...

So very sweet!!! I love all the kicking!!! Can't wait to see nursery pics!!!

New Year Mum said...

Fantastic that things are going so well... time has gone so quickly. I've been having a little break then come back on to find that you're 22 weeks :)) Massage and acupuncture did wonders for back pain in my pregnancy with my now 3 y/o. Love to you both xoxo

Marissa said...

I hope you find some back relief soon! And how wonderful that your husband is connecting more and more with your pregnancy. And that you can feel your little guy kick-kicking away in there...

♥ Cass said...

Time flys when your having fun hey!! :) thats awesome that your hubby is more connected and both of you are able to feel the kicks. I hope your back pain gets better soon.. nothing worse then back ache! x