Baby Update

Saturday, September 3, 2011

21 weeks today and my bump continues to grow!

Bubba boy is kicking/wriggling up a storm in there and I am feeling him much more regularly. I love it. DH is hanging out to feel it from the outside.

Milkshakes are still my number 1 craving. I have been having one every single day without fail! Not sure how I will go the next few days as I have to travel for work..might miss out on my milkshakes (the horror!).

The latest pregnancy ailment is a back ache. I am trying to find someone locally who does pregnancy massage so I can get some relief. I am waking up through the night because it gets so painful. Even sitting on the couch I am finding painful after awhile.

My thrush is gone (hooray) and I hope it stays that way.

I booked into my birthing classes on Friday as well as a breast feeding class. The feeding class is a morning at the end of November and then the birthing class is a weekend condensed version (as compared to night classes over 6 weeks) at the beginning of December. I am hoping DH will be home that weekend or I might have to brave it alone!! While I was on the phone the midwife also booked me in for my pre admission appointment at around 30 weeks. So I am all organised with that side of things.

Been purchasing a few more cute baby items...can't help myself!

And this was a present from DH's mate..not sure how keen I am on bubba wearing this attire but as DH is a kiwi he is insisting!

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Lora said...

Yay for 21 weeks- more than half way there! The stuff you've bought is adorable!

Marissa said...

OMG the little socks!!! Sooooooo cute!

Playing In Kitchen said...

So cute! I love the bat suit.

Jenny said...

Oh backaches - I'm getting them too. :/ No fun. But fun to know our bodies are strained because there's a little tiny human growing in there! I love that you're shopping. You should definitely keep it up so I can live vicariously through you - I love the stuff you're buying (where did you get the bat onsie?)!

babycrazykiwi said...

Lol your DH's mate has great taste in baby it! Congrats on 21wks :)

Kelly-Marie said...

Hello just came across you blog .. congratulations on your awaiting blue bubba your nearly there!!

I remember I had bad back ache for the last of it, couldn't sleep, alot of braxton hicks and not even gonna mention the thrush that just wouldn't go away! .. but it's all worth it :) I know I'd do it all over again.

x x x x