24 Weeks..Viability!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today we've reached the wonderful week of viability...I'm sure people that haven't gone through IF/IVF/pregnancy loss don't think about these things..but I just can't help myself by still picking milestones to pass!

Here's the bump shot..excuse my dodgy iPhone self portrait. I dong seem to be getting any better at taking these shots! And yup that's my pup in the background looking out the window.

There is no denying there's a baby baking in there!

I am still loving pregnancy, loving the bump and absolutely loving the daily gymnastics our little guy seems to be practicing in there!

I've all but given up trying to find some nice maternity clothes and am going with dresses that have enough give/stretch to accommodate the ever expanding bump. The one I'm wearing in the photo was $25...much nicer than paying $80+ for a maternity dress which probably wouldn't look half as nice!

No more progress on bubs room as DH is still away at work. Hopefully when he returns next week we can finish the painting, and then next we will need to rip up and replace the carpet.

Definitely noticing that it's getting harder to bend over or to pull myself up off the couch or bed. Not things you really think about before falling pregnant!

My weight is back to what it was at around 6 weeks pregnant (as I kept loosing instead of gaining in the earlier days). So my weight gain so far is 0kg! I'm quite shocked at this as I thought I would stack on the weight..though there's still time for that I suppose!

No special cravings. I am still enjoying a milkshake (or two) a day. And savoury food always wins over sweets.

My back seems to still be feeling pretty good after last weeks acupuncture/massage which I am pleased about.

The funniest moment of the week has to have been when the dog curled up on the couch beside me the other night and put his head on my belly. Sure enough bubba boy starts kicking and the dog felt it! He moved his head away super fast and look he gave me was a cross between confused and annoyed! I don't think he was impressed that his comfy pillow was kicking at him.

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Baby Hopes said...

Congratulations on passing such an important milestone!!! I was seriously laughing about your dog getting kicked! ;) You look amazing!!!

Corinne said...

Yay for 24 weeks! Your bump is gorgeous!

Gurlee said...

Congratulations! You look adorable!

NewYearMum2.blogspot.com said...

Fantastic... such a great milestone :) Love your belly photo :)) Great story about your dog xoxo

Playing In Kitchen said...

LOL @ the dog!

Mel said...

Summa, you look gorgeous... definitely a round basketball right out front !!!! Congratulations on 24weeks woohoo... I too was laughing out loud at your dogs look of confusion..my cat had the same experience the other night lol

China Doll said...

You look great! Congrats on 24 weeks :)

♥ Cass said...

You look so good!! I have been waiting to see your bump!! hehe.
How funny is your dog. You know for some reason I was picturing a little fluffy dog from your other posts. - not sure why hehe. He looks simular in body to my dog. How funny about him looking at you like that! lol

Congrats on hitting the 24 week mark!! xx

Jenny said...

Viability - huzzah! Such a massive milestone and what a lovely bump! That's fantastic that you're at 24w with 0kg gain! All the less to have to try to take off after the bub is born. Also - why is maternity clothing so expensive in this country? I ended up shopping online in the US for stuff. Seriously - for something we'll only wear for a few months I just can't justify the cost. Glad you're finding stuff that fits without paying out heaps for maternity stuff.