All About The Dog

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I thought since my doggy created so much interest (and laughter) after my last post that I would write a little bit about him.

His name is Jett. He is a Staffy x (with who knows what?!) and will be 3 on Valentines Day next year (which coincidently is also DHs birthday). He doesn't really look much like a Staffy..and is very tall and lean.

He loves to be around people and loves cuddling (despite being just under 30kg he still likes to try and get in your lap). He is a very sweet dog, but he has a crazy side!

He is still naughty...I don't know if he will ever grow out of the 'puppy phase'. He gets into mischief, destroys things and sometimes likes to run away (just for fun).

He is super fast and sometimes when we take him to the leash free dog park nearby and people see him run, they ask us if he has grey hound in him. He loves going to the leash free beach to run and dig holes and play with other dogs.

We love him to bits and he is the best company when DH is away at work. Here's a few more photos of him..he's pretty cute (though I may be biased!).

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♥ Cass said...

what a cutie!! look at him standing on the couch - cheeky boy ;) haha. He is the same colour as my girl she is an american staffy x english staffy. She is almost 5 and still thinks she can sit on your lap!! haha it must be a staffy thing. They are great company and just like little people. Love the name as well!! xx

Gurlee said...

He is so cute!! said...

He's adorable... and has such gorgeous expressions - like a person xoxo

Mel said...

hahahaha is he ON your bed??? lol
my Daisy is the same coloring as Jett... and from the look of it just as cheeky.. Daisy right now is limping again.. I am really starting to think she is putting it on for attention.. Our household has some BIG changes coming up...