Venty McVent

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I do apologise for this vent, but as DH is on night shift (and is currently sound asleep) I can't call him and blurt all this for now blogging is my only option.

I have some unwanted house guests..and although they have only been here a few days, it's getting on my nerves.

Just to clarify..I am not talking about my sister and her partner. They are WELCOME guests who we invited into our home and have been great. They clean up after themselves, cook us dinner and don't cause any bother.

I'm talking about DH's mate who lives with us on and off when he is not away working. He also works in the mines and at the moment works a 2 week on, 1 week off roster. He hasn't been home much for the past 2 months as on his breaks he visited his mum and then went on an o/s holiday. And it's actually been a welcome break as his appearance in our house is beginning to wear thin with both me and DH (though probably more so for me as DH isn't often home at the same time).

So he has finally come home, but not on his own.
He has brought with him a new girlfriend.
Who I have never met before.

Now it's one thing to meet a friends new girlfriend, but another thing completely to have them stay in your home for several days. I probably sound strange, but I don't like strangers in my house. Sure...she's a good friends girlfriend but I don't know her from a bar of soap. And so far, asides from a brief hello, I still don't know her or anything about her. Correction...I know she is 8 years younger than him and lives at home with her parents.  Oh and she was mean to my dog when they arrived which really pisses me off more than anything else.

They have spent the past few days going in and out of the house without so much as a 'hello, how are you?'. They are taking copious amounts of showers and despite it being beautiful weather the past few days have done several loads of washing and shoved it in the dryer. Which is all well and good if you are paying for the electricity and water bills...but they aren't. WE ARE!!

Is it just me and my over reacting pregnancy hormones, or are they being quite rude and inconsiderate??

To top it off he hasn't paid any rent in about a month, his old car (he just bought a new one) has been living in our driveway for months and he shows no signs of getting rid of it.

Right now I don't even feel comfortable in my own house and am actively avoiding the friend and this girl. I just want them to leave....


Baby Hopes said...

Ugh... I'd be venting, too. So sorry... it's horrible to feel uncomfortable in your own home. :(

Cyndi said...

What are you going to do!!! This is NOT okay! I would be super annoyed and pissed too.

Sending you patience and tolerance, it's really unfortunate.

Hang in there!

babycrazykiwi said...

Um that is SO rude!!! I've been in a similar situation and it sucks especially when you don't feel at home in your own home. Maybe he needs a bit of a reality check. All the best with coping with the situation :) said...

Wow... you are completely justified in being upset - they are being quite rude and certainly overstepping the mark. It's your home. Maybe your husband can talk with him ? xoxo

Sushigirl said...

Urrrgh. I hate having people to stay for more than 2 nights.

The girlfriend thing is a bit difficult if he's paying rent, but then, he hasn't actually paid it! I'd be getting your husband to have a word. I'd also be sitting down with him and agreeing what is and isn't ok re: electricity and the car.

Could you just say he can't stay there any more as you're about to need the space?

Gurlee said...

What? That is Terrible! Being mean to your dog? Living in your house, someone you barely know that isn't making an effort? Unacceptable! When your hubs comes back, get them out! Or if you can't wait, talk to him. Yuck, sorry!

Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

I don't think sounds strange at all!! My husband has a friend who we have let stay with us when he is inbetween deployments for the military and if he ever even tried to bring a girl over I would freak out!! Sounds like you have a full house. I hope they leave soon!!

Stinky said...

no, I don't think you are over-reacting? Can you talk to him, or write a note or something. The dog DEFINITELY doesn't deserve the mean-ness (and probably, I guess, neither do you!!!)

DEFINITELY if he has not paid any rent, he's taking the piss if there's two of them there now

Mrs XXY said...

Eek you poor thing! Perhaps use your pregnancy hormones as an excuse to blow you stack ;)