Bit of a Long Winded Update

Monday, October 3, 2011

Been a little slack with my updates. I tend to get this way when DH is home as I want to spend all my spare time with him, plus we had to squeeze in a lot in the short time he was home so it's been go, go, go!

DH got home Wednesday afternoon and headed off on Sunday afternoon for a week long training course for work. He'll be back Friday night for the weekend and then heads back to work Tuesday's a bummer that he had to do the training during his time off, but it had to be done unfortunately. I can't remember how much I wrote about DH being offered a new in a nutshell..he applied for a new job, got offered it, decided to take it and put his notice in at his current workplace. His current employer then decided that they didn't want him to leave so sent in 2 of the big bosses to talk with DH about what they could do to convince him to stay! So after a lot of negotiations (and a nice big pay rise) DH decided it was better for him to stay put. It really works out better for us as he will be able to have time off once baby is born, the pay rise will help financially once I am on maternity leave (and on half pay for the year), and he got to negotiate his roster so he will stay on a 2 week on 2 week off rotation which is more time at home.

The housemate is due home this week...I am slightly concerned as DH won't be here. After my venting post about the housemate things did not get any better. The ignoring and avoiding continued. They then left very early Monday morning before I got up without saying goodbye or paying rent...I was not impressed! I ended up writing him an email (I was going to call but I thought I would get too emotional over the phone) and called him on his behaviour and treatment of me over the weekend. The response I got basically denied everything and turned it all on sounded like his girlfriend had written it for him. I didn't dignify it with a response and a few days later I got a text from him saying 'oh so is this how we are going to leave things then?'. Grrrr....I told him I hadn't bothered responding as I wasn't going to continue sending emails back and forth. when we were obviously not going to come to any sort of agreement about the details of the weekend. He cracked it and sent another text (again pointing the finger at me). I ignored him. I've heard nothing since.

He has been communicating with DH but has made NO mention of that weekend or his exchanges with me. I'm not sure whether he thinks I haven't told DH about it or if he has just been feeling him out to see if he's angry at him too. He also text DH to tell him when he had finally paid his rent...and his excuse was his employer has started to pay him monthly (why he hadn't budgeted for rent I'll never know!). So he is meant to be home either Tuesday or Wednesday. I am hoping he appears while I am at work, packs his things and moves out...but I'm not holding my breath as I don't think he would have any other place to go. Worse case scenario is that he again has his girlfriend with him..and if he does then they will both be asked to leave immediately..I am not having a repeat of that weekend. If he is here on his own then perhaps he'll be open to a grown up discussion...but I doubt it. He is the type of person who hates confrontation...I am sure he will just avoid me at all costs. I really just want to tell him that I think it's best that he moves out ASAP. The arrangement isn't working anymore and he would have had to move out sooner or later with the baby coming..I'm just speeding up the process slightly. So I guess only time will tell how this all plays out....trying not to stress too much about it at this stage.

Had an ob appointment on Friday and got another peek at our little man. He is doing great and now weighs just under a kilo (which if the online converter I found is accurate is around 2.2 pounds for my overseas readers)!! My placenta has not moved which isn't what I wanted to hear, so for now we still have to wait and see whether it will move enough for me to be able to try for a vaginal birth. Bubba wouldn't stay still for much of the scan but we did get enough of a look to see him sucking his thumb...very cute!!

He is still wriggling and kicking around in there...and the other day I saw my belly move from the outside for the first time! So bizarre!! DH missed that but has been able to feel movement (though every time I grab his hands for him to feel bubba plays hide and seek and stops kicking...very cheeky!!). The dog has avoided putting his head back on my belly since the other weeks incident which I think is quite amusing!! My belly continues to expand (love it!!) and DH was quite shocked at how big it was after not seeing me for 2 weeks!

Hopefully we will get the chance to finish painting the room this weekend before DH goes back to work and then I can organise the carpet to be ripped up and replaced...and then we can get the furniture!! I picked up another lay by the other day...lots of baby necessities but also a few more cute outfits and some teeny tiny socks!!

I cannot believe that there is less than 15 weeks to go until we will get to meet our little boy.

2 comments: said...

Great to hear that all is going so well with your little man :)... lovely that he's wriggling around so much :)) Your housemate situation sounds like a nightmare... not what you need at the moment :( Love always xoxo

Sushigirl said...

I'd definitely be giving your lodger his marching orders before he turns up, for preference. That way he's got a bit of warning to find somewhere else to stay.

I hate people staying in my house though, anything more than about 2 days does my head in!