Friday, September 16, 2011

I had my first acupuncture appointment today. I wasn't quite sure what to expect..needles obviously but my knowledge of acupuncture is quite limited asides from this!

It was great!!!

Once we'd had a discussion about why I'd come, I got comfortable on the table (on my side) with the help of lots of pillows and rolled up towels. Needles were placed in several places on my back, plus I had one in the top of my head and one in my forehead (to help keep me centered). I did feel the needles go in, but just barely (nothing compared to the needles I've injected myself with!!). Then she pulled a heat lamp close and left me to relax. I'm not really sure how much time passed but I was aware that I just started to feel really sleepy and relaxed. I think I even dozed on and off. She checked on me a few times to make sure I was still comfortable in the position I was lying in.

Needles eventually came out and I got a wonderful back massage. It was great!! I didn't realise just how many sore spots I had until she started working on me. She got me up a couple of times in between massaging to see if the pain was any better or worse and then worked a few other spots.

All in all, money well spent and I will be going back if the pain continues. But for now I feel fabulous and my back seems to feel a lot better. The real test will be how well I sleep tonight!

I am in a great mood. The weather is perfect, it's the weekend and I have some lovely catch ups with friends to look forward to. Tonight I am catching up with 2 girls I went through uni with. We graduated together and have still remained great friends. I haven't seen them for quite a few months so they are very excited to see my expanding bump! We always have so much fun together so it will be a lovely night.

Tomorrow I am catching up with the wonderful GS for the day (and possibly Nani if she is not too jet lagged from her return from o/s). These 2 wonderful girls have shared all the ups and downs of my IF journey with me, and cheered me on from the sidelines. I don't think I would have persisted without them sometimes! It's been a couple of months since I saw both of them to so I am really looking forward to a day of non stop talk!!

Then I think I will be thoroughly exhausted by Sunday so no more plans as yet...hopefully the nice weather will continue and I can get down the beach with the puppy dog for a walk.

Have a fabulous weekend!


A m a n d a said...

Isn't it amazing!? I can see myself continuing with it even after I conceive. I'm addicted for life!

Have a fun weekend :)