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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First of all, thank you to those lovely comments on my last post. Made me a feel a whole lot better about putting those feelings out there. Just another reason why I love this blogging community so much!!

I got to meet my friends newest addition to the family yesterday evening. They had just arrived home from the hospital and we were lucky enough to be invited round to meet their beautiful little girl. Now I wondered if seeing this tiny little newborn would be hard but surprisingly, it wasn't. I got a fix of newborn cuddles (really is there anything better?!?) while my own little belly babe kicked away inside of me. Watching DH have a cuddle was also pretty special as I could picture him with our own little guy curled up in his arms in just a few short months.

On the way home DH was gushing about how beautiful and small the baby was. It was very cute as I've never really seen him get that excited over babies (even his niece). I think it hit him that we will have our own tiny bundle very soon. One comment he made (and the discussion we had that followed) was a little sad though. DH said to me "I am so jealous that they have their baby home with them". I asked if he meant because we were meant to have a baby in our home already and he said yes partly this and also because we had to try so much longer. It was nice to hear that our feelings are kind of on the same page. Especially because in the past DH's response to my grief over the miscarriage was more 'get over it-it's been x months now' or 'you are pregnant again so it doesn't matter'. We talked a little more about how easy our friends journey to have a child has been compared to ours and how it hurts a little to witness this. So that was our deep and meaningful for the night....

We had a productive weekend after DH got back from his week long training course. Managed to put together the chest of drawers we bought from IKEA. It only took us 2.5 hours...but hey..we got there with minimal arguments and no parts left over! So a success! We also continued with the painting...and ran out of paint! So there are 2 walls to go that need a second coat and then it will be finished. Hopefully I can get some more paint and do this while DH is away (or perhaps coerce my dad to come and finish up for us). We also purchased a reverse cycle air conditioning unit for baby's room which we will get installed sometime in the next month or so. Now all that's left to do is choose the carpet and have the old stuff ripped up and the new stuff installed and the bubs room will be ready for decorating! When DH comes home again we will hopefully pick out the cot & change table for the room too.

I ordered my baby shower invites on Friday so they should hopefully arrive this week so I can send them out. Baby Shower is set for Saturday 26th November. Still finalising the guest list but I think there will only be about 15-20 of us. My sister is planning the food and is going to write up a menu to show me (haha can you tell she is a chef?) so I can give it the seal of approval. She is also going to make the cake (or cupcakes is what we have decided on). I am actually really looking forward to the shower and am getting excited about the plans.

DH left to fly back out to work earlier today. It doesn't feel like he was here very long because of the week in the middle of his break that he had to go away for. Hopefully the next 2 weeks pass quickly and he'll be home again in no time. And when he is home next he will be here for my birthday!! Very excited about this as often he is away and misses out on birthday celebrations. Not that I have anything exciting planned....probably just a nice dinner out somewhere with my family.

I also had another acupuncture/massage session yesterday. Again, such a relaxing experience. I fell asleep on the table and woke up feeling very refreshed. She was a little harder with the massage this time so this morning I am feeling a little bit sore, but definitely worth it.

2 comments: said...

Newborn cuddles are so special :) Lovely that it went so well... and great to share it with your DH. You're brave to put together a big IKEA item... I admire you for getting it done so quickly !! Have fun baby-shower-planning... such a special time :)) Love to you always xoxo

Baby Hopes said...

I'm so glad you two had the opportunity for a conversation that was very meaningful and on the same page. Mech and I tend to approach things very differently, so those sorts of conversations about our family and IF mean a lot and set my heart at ease.

I'm loving the sounds of your redecorating and preparations! Hope shower planning and turnout goes well!!! :)