Belated Update

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank you to those who left some wonderful, supportive comments on my last post about my feelings of failure because I will have to have a c-section. Greatly appreciated.

I've been a bit slack with updating, so this might be a bit of a long winded post. 

DH arrived home on Wednesday and it's been wonderful having him home! Again we have had a lot to do but we are making some serious progress with our 'to do list'. 

On Thursday we picked up the baby furniture and I also convinced DH to help me get most of the Christmas shopping done! I figured I don't particularly want to be waddling round the shops and battling crowds in the late stages of pregnancy. I still have a few things left to buy but I think I can get most online and have them delivered. Feeling very organised for Christmas which is a nice change as usually I leave it until the last minute! 

Friday we had an ob appointment. Our little man is looking well and is fast running out of room. He now weighs around 2.6kg. Ob guesses that he will weigh around 3.5kg at birth (just under 8 pounds) unless he has a massive growth spurt. He appears to be using my placenta as a nice, comfy pillow which made it hard for the ob to get a good picture of his face but she tried her best. My placenta still hasn't moved so it looks like we are still go for the Caesar. Little man spent the scan time yawning and waving his hands around...very cute.

Saturday was my baby shower! The weather was perfect (which I had been worrying about as rain was predicted) so we were able to set up outside on the deck. My mum and sister came round earlier on in the day to help get the house ready and to start the cooking. DH was set to work cleaning up the leaves and moving furniture around outside. The afternoon was just lovely. I had a wonderful time and it was so nice to catch up with my friends and family. My mum and sister did an amazing job with the food. It was a feast! Me (and bub) were totally spoilt and I was completely overwhelmed at the gifts received. I have very generous family and friends and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. The day was everything I had been imagining (and then some). Didn't get a chance to take many photos-too busy socialising but will try and share some soon.

Sunday was a lazy day. I was completely exhausted after all the business of Saturday and spent most of Sunday sleeping or watching TV on the couch. I guess I needed the rest! Plus it's definitely heating up here and the heat is taking it's toll on me. Luckily our broken air con was fixed on Thursday so I can now hibernate in the cool! 

Oh..I forgot about Friday night! We went to our 10 year high school reunion. It was definitely better than what I expected. I got to catch up with some people that I haven't seen in many years and it was really nice. Some people though, have not changed and still think they are 'all that' and couldn't possibly stoop as low as talking to you despite the fact that 10 years has passed since high school days! But I did expect this. DH had a great time too and made the most of me being his designated driver...he was a very happy man by the time we got home after midnight! 

Today we did a massive grocery shop and stocked up on expensive items (ie cleaning products, toilet paper, toiletries) plus pantry staples. Figured this will help when bubs first arrives and we don't want to head to the shops, plus it will keep the grocery costs down for a little while. I also cleaned out the car in preparation for the capsule being fitted this week.

Tomorrow the carpet in bubs room is being installed which means that we will finally be able to set up bubs room!! I'm hoping by the weekend it will be all finished. I managed to convince DH to put together the glider chair already as it's going to live downstairs for now since bub will be in our room for awhile to start with. It's so comfy but I think I will have to fight DH for use of it! I figure whoever has baby takes chair priority!! Hopefully that works in my favour!

Back to work tomorrow but only for a day. Then Wednesday I have my breastfeeding class at the hospital then I'm getting the capsule installed. Thursday I am hoping DH will take me to see the new Twilight movie & Friday afternoon we have our maternity photo shoot. Then we might be going camping over the weekend. So it's another busy week for us!


Jenny said...

I'm pleased to see that things are a bit better for you. It must be great to have DH home, and to be so organised too! Busy week but it sounds like it's mostly fun-busy so that's ok. Also, I reckon you get at least a few months of chair-time for being the baby-carrier all this time. The reunion sounds fun! I missed mine (being on the wrong side of the planet) but can imagine the same sort of people would have been at mine. So are you finished with work for good now? said...

Wow... sounds like you've been really busy :) Great that you've got your Christmas shopping all sorted... and lovely that your baby shower went so well - must have been a magical day :)) xoxo