To Do List Updated

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hopefully I can cross off a few things on the list...

-pick out and have new carpet installed in baby's room (getting quote this Friday)
-have air con installed in baby's room (getting quote this Friday)

-pick up furniture (hopefully do this when DH is home next)
-put together furniture (hopefully when DH is home next)
-set up baby's room
-wash all clothes, blankets etc and put away
-clean up 2nd hand swing I bought months ago-pack hospital bags for me and baby
-buy new mattress for bassinet
-set bassinet up in our room
-buy any last minute items (ie things I don't get at baby shower)
-baby shower (26 November)
-thank you notes for baby shower
-attend breast feeding and birthing classes (booked in for 30 November/3 & 4 December)
-have car capsule fitted (booked in for 30 November)
-cook some meals in bulk and freeze
-clean out kitchen cupboards
-clean out bathroom cupboard (half done...chucked out all the stuff we don't just need to tidy up)
-finish painting bathroom
-clean out laundry cupboards
-clean out linen cupboard
-clean out study (it's become a dumping ground and it's a mess and I hate going in there)-decobweb outside of house
-wash windows (inside and out)-stock up pantry on basics/essentials
-agree with DH on a list of baby names (I can't believe we still don't have any names!!)
-make a list of people (with phone numbers) to call/text after the birth
-clean car inside and out (before capsule is fitted)


So we are getting there slowly but surely! My parents came round yesterday and did the decobewebbing and cleaned all the windows (plus a few other chores around the house). Life savers! I am so lucky to have such wonderful, helpful parents! Love them to bits. Mum is coming back next week to help me clean the house top to bottom before the baby shower too which is a huge help as it's too overwhelming for me to tackle on my own and I just don't have the energy, especially now it's getting so warm!

I've had a busy weekend and got  to catch up with a few friends that are not able to attend the baby shower. Today I've phoned around organising to have people come out and give me quotes on the new carpet and the air con install. Friday is going to be a day spent at home waiting for tradies to show up...I've got the carpet guy, then a warranty guy looking at our current air con (which just died) and then another air con guy coming to give me a quote to install an air con in bubs room. And of course they can never give you an exact time...more like a between this and this time..with a space of 2-3 hours in between! Frustrating, but needs to be done. And once we sort that out we can get the last stages of bubs room underway so I can get to the fun part of decorating.

I've found some cute canvas prints to hang on the walls which tie in nicely with our space theme. They come in the set of 3. There are a few other items in this range which I might also get for the room too.

2 comments: said...

Wow... that's a very organised list :)) Frozen pre-cooked food is a great idea... we even bought an upright deep-freezer before our DD was born and it came in soooo handy :) Love the pictures... do cute :) Have fun at your baby shower xoxo

babycrazykiwi said...

So organised! All the best for the baby shower chick.