CD1..yup right back at the beginning...AGAIN

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another temp drop this morning, and then a few hours later who should come calling but the evil b@!$%#! 

At least my hopes weren't too high after the 2 temp drops. 
But's official-no 2010 baby for us. 

If this wasn't enough to ruin my day. DH then gets a call from work to say he is going back. They gave us less than 2 hours notice of his flight, so it was a mad rush to get all his gear together and hit the road. The drive to the airport takes about an hour (with good traffic). So kind of them to give us plenty of notice (note my sarcasm). 

DH also called his doctor about his BT that he did last week. He was told that he needed to make an appointment, as the doctor wanted to discuss his results...This generally means bad news, so I am now freaking out about this also. Have to wait another 10-12 days until DH comes home again to find out. 

To top it all off AF is being awful and painful. Dosing up on painkillers seems to have subsided the pain which is a relief. 
So off to the doctor on Friday to get my FS referral letter. Looks like we will be needing it.

Onwards to cycle #10 and month 9 of TTC. I can honestly say that I never thought it was going to take this long.