bits and pieces

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feeling slightly better then yesterday. Her posts on FB have been pregnancy related ever since (which I knew would happen) so I need to find the 'hide' button until I feel ready to have that thrown in my face several times throughout the day..Smiley (which may be never!)

DH is home and I am so glad. I got my hugs. He was exhausted yesterday so we didn't talk much in regard to the SILs news or TTC. Have talked a little with him this afternoon, but will delve deeper into these conversations over the next few days. He is still adament that if he's home next cycle then that will be it for us. I am not so optimistic...Smiley

On an up note, I have tomorrow off!!! Smiley Woohoo for 5 day weekends!! Apparantly I have too much flex time accrued, so I offered to take tomorrow off..haha! Nice to have an extra day with DH before he leaves again on Monday.

We are off to friends to watch the State of Origin tonight...Smiley I am not particularly keen on rugby, but going to catch up with friends is always nice.

Looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Even have a few bottles of wine in the fridge! Smiley Haha..I will be on the floor after a few glasses as its been a while since I drank!

On a sad note, one of my fellow TTCers Nani has decided it's time for a break. Smiley I can only imagine how hard this decision was to make, but hopefully it will give her time to recover, destress and bring some joy back in to her life.

My thoughts are with her and I'm sending her some love. Smiley