F$&@ it

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The SIL has made her pregnancy annoucement on facebook, complete with photos of her BFP and scan.

For those of you who know the stories (yes stories-there is more than one..or perhaps it's a saga?!) about her, you will know what I have put up with over the years, and what type of person she is. And for those who don't, well to put it simply she does not like me.

I think it hurts more because:

1. She is such an awful person and it makes me wonder why she gets a baby when me and my lovely FB girls don't;

2. We have been TTC for what feels like forever.

So the status update came and it was like being punched in the stomach; I couldn't breathe. Then I realised there were photos and decided to punish myself even further and take a look. And then just to add insult to injury, she posts a big thing on DHs page saying he is 'officially' going to be an uncle and the god father?!!? WTF???????? News to me (and quite possibly to DH also). So now I am fuming and want to tell DH to tell her to piss off..is it just me or is it weird to have the uncle as a god parent??

Note she did not leave me a post saying I was going to be an aunty...LMAO. As if!!! Besides, I will only officially feel like an aunt if my little sister has kids.

I want to go off and have a cry but I am at work and there is no chance of finding any privacy here. Besides I don't want the questions that follow when people see you have been crying.

DH is home. Just got a message before. I'm glad. I needs massive amount of hugs right now.