the sounds of silence..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Our little FB group is silent. Smiley I have noticed that each week the chatter has died a little, and now it seems to have stopped. I think it's a combination of things...

My theory is that the UTD girls don't want to share too much incase it upsets the TTCers and the TTCers don't want to share too much incase it brings down the others...Very considerate of us all?!? Smiley Its that or perhaps we are drifting apart as our journies take very different twists and turns..I suppose it happens. Smiley

Makes me a little sad considering how much we have shared. Smiley

Went to an Intimo party last night at work. I'm not usually into these underwear parties, but this stuff was nice!! Ended up spending WAY more money than I thought as it's a little expensive, but once I tried on the bras-I was hooked. SO, SO COMFY!!!!!  Smiley I was amazed at how good they were...and when I put my old bra back on I noticed it even more. I also got a skirt which you can also wear as a top and a dress..very nice. Haven't told DH how much money I spent though! Smiley

A few more days with DH before he heads back to work. It's nice having him home and really boosts my mood.