what I think may be CD1

Monday, May 31, 2010

So DH is in the air again 1sm279flying Pictures, Images and Photos and back to work. Hoping 7 days goes super quick and he'll be home again before I know it.

Terrible night last night. Poor DH was inundated with my crazy mood swings..I went from yelling to laughing to crying in about 5 minutes flat. Smiley DH didn't know what hit him!! And to top it off we had a massive fight at around 3am this morning over taking the dog out. It was his turn but he cracked the shits at me about it. Smiley Cue screaming match. Needless to say it ended in tears..Smiley -MINE. Plus I ended up with a bruised shin..I ran into the coffee table in the dark. 1sm324stretcher Pictures, Images and Photos Didn't get any sympathy from DH though.

All was forgiven this morning. I think it's just one of those things. We always seem to have a fight the day he comes home or the day he leaves...Smiley Haven't figured out why yet!

I think today is CD1...had spotting...well more than spotting but it's not very heavy. Smiley See what it's like tomorrow and then I'll decide. Lots of horrible cramps though. Advil seems to be working a treat at the moment, so will keep it up. Perfect timing for work tomorrow...down Pictures, Images and Photos

So we are all on track for operation baby making in June!!! Smiley 
I am excited, but trying not to get my hopes up. Very hard to do!! Smiley

Thanks Shell for your AF dancing, and Is for threatening my uterus with a stick! flowers Pictures, Images and Photos