CD11...the BD marathon continues!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So, I have finally made it onto my computer!!! Decided to make the most of DH playing on his laptop...hahaha.

Another work week over..let the weekend begin!

We are off camping tomorrow afternoon for 2 nights with some friends. It should be fun but freezing! Also, its going to be interesting to see if we can continue with our BD marathon in a tent....LOL with another couple in a tent nearby...we will either have to be very quiet...or just be drunk so that we don't care if they hear us!! Or perhaps a stroll in the moonlight?!?!

Either way, I am determined that we will see this marathon through!!!!!! 

So camping will take up the majority of the weekend..and the rest will be recovering from camping! The worst part is coming home and unpacking everything. DH has so much camping gear...which is good I suppose as we are prepared! Bought an ipod dock/speakers so we can have some music while we are out runs off batteries. It actually sounds pretty decent surprisingly!

Not much else happening...I am thinking O isn't far away as my face has started to break out (damn you hormones) and have been feeling a few pains in the ovary hoping it will happen in the next day or 2! Go body go!!!!!!

Sending some positive vibes Shel's way...hoping she comes back from her weekend away with  BFP!!!!!! All the signs are looking good..and her chart is amazing!

Lots of hugs go out to GS and Nani too. 2 very amazing women, who I feel privileged to have in my life.


Green Sprout said...

Thanks Summa... *hugs*

Did you get night number three in last night?? ;-)

Summastarlet said...

number 3 is done and dusted!! :-D

Let's hope we have no dramas with 4 and 5 out camping...