CD15..back in civilisation

Monday, June 14, 2010

Here I am, back in the land of technology! I survived 2 nights out in the wilderness without phone reception, toilets or showers...shocked Pictures, Images and Photos

The BDing marathon didn't quite go to plan (as I thought). We missed Friday night (first night out camping) due to DH being too drunk...rolls eyes Pictures, Images and Photos. He made up for it Saturday morning though...which I suppose is better than nothing!

Camping was an adventure, to say the least. We went with another couple (a guy DH works with and his girlfriend-lets call them J & A) and had picked out a nice spot about 50 minutes away from home. Left Friday arvo and arrived there just before 5. Turns out you are not allowed to have campfires after a short debate we decided that wasn't going to work...(we didn't want to freeze!). The guy told us about a spot about 20 minutes back up the road that allows campfires, so we decided to hightail it back there before it got dark.

We had been given directions and followed them to the dirt road which had a sign advertising the campsite. Followed this for ages and wound up in what looked like someones front yard...a derilict house, lots of cars, some dirty faced kids running around...and then we saw the sign for camping.....

A guy came out and took our money and let us know that we could camp anywhere beyond the gate. We were a little reluctant, but figured we needed to set up camp somewhere as it was getting dark quite fast. The grotty faced kids opened the gate (one of them had a mullet....) and away we went. As we drove along the dirt track we were looking around and my first comment to DH was 'some of these tents look permanent'....he agreed. We decided to drive right to the end of the road and things just started looking weirder....more and more what looked like a cross between tents and dodgily made extensions with fences around them, a circle of about 12 tents that were all matching...brand new mercedes parked outside 'permanent' just didn't add up! We found a spot right at the back, away from the other people and we all hopped out of the cars to take a look. Next thing we know one of our 'neighbours' comes strolling over and tells us that this isn't the public campgrounds and we needed to go back up the other way.....OK.......

Drove back up the other way and took a closer look at all clicked....this was some kind of hippy commune (or a cult?!?). We were all a little freaked out and found a spot way up the other end near what looked like 'regular' people. Figured it would do for one night and we could pack up early and go somewhere else the next day.

The boys were making lots of jokes about the hippies coming to get us etc seemed to be the running theme for the night. Once we were set up it was ok. We had a fire, we had alcohol, we had food...all set! Smiley

We were all in agreeance to move on the next day though..DH's mate realised that we could have gone to his parents empty block of land (out whoop whoop) and camped there. So we had a plan for the next day...

The one good thing about this place was it had toilets for us females...though we were a little wary of making the walk to the toilet block once it got dark.

Up fairly early the next morning..boys were feeling a little rough but a greasy breakfast helped. Smiley Packed up and hightailed it out of the hippy place...we thought the owner was going to stop us as we drove through the gate..but he just looked at us! Very weird...
We headed out to the block. Was around another 30 minutes from where we were. The boys dropped us off and decided they needed to head home for supplies (mainly a shovel to clear a fire area and a chainsaw to cut some firewood). Our job was to figure out where to set up the tents....but we decided we needed to sit in the sun and warm up first...Felt like the guys were gone for hours but they eventually made it back with shovel, chainsaw, more beer and one of J's guns!

We flattened out the spot we had picked for the tents and set up camp. All this and it was only 12:30!! The afternoon was spent eating, drinking, playing cards...the boys went into the bush to play with the gun and J came back with a pigeon...DH was very jealous...(how strange boys are..).

Once the sun started setting, it got REALLY cold! cold Pictures, Images and Photos Lots of layers of clothing required..but even huddling around the fire didn't quite warm us up! The boys set up some cans for target practice and it ended up in a 'lets teach Kate' how to shoot lesson...which was suprisingly quite fun!! Rifle Shoot Shooting Fire Firing Gun Hunter Icon Icons Emoticon Emoticons Smilie Smilies Smiley Smileys Animated Animation Animations Gif Gifs Pictures, Images and Photos I even hit the can a few times!!!! Go me!!

Didn't have quite as big of a night...I think we were all too cold. I had a terrible nights sleep..couldn't get warm and I had to keep getting up to pee....not fun doing this when it's dark and freezing!!!! This is definately the biggest downside of camping!

It was great to get home and have a shower and use a real toilet!! Smiley

I think we decided that we won't go camping in winter again!! Hahahaha...even DH was cold and he never gets cold!

Kept up our BDing marathon and went for it again yesterday once we had gotten home (and showered) of course! Hoping to get one more session in before DH flies off this afternoon. Can't believe 7 days has gone by so quickly. Oh well..hopefully he will be home again just as quickly...

I am not feeling confident about this cycle...It would be wonderful if this was it for us, but I don't think that we have caught the egg..infact I don't even know if I have ovulated yet. I have had some cramps since last night...but I haven't been checking my CM. Also my boobs have been a little sore too...

Now all we can do is hope for the best.