CD9...hubbys home!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DH is home!!! Or very close to it hopefully!!! I am so excited and have barely been able to contain myself at work today! So annoying that he gets back at the start of my work week..but not much I can do about that.

I am slowly building up excitement about this cycle..see told you I sucked at not getting my hopes up. I am just hoping my body behaves itself and ovulates within the next 7 days while DH is home. I think we will try and BD every day for the whole time he is home. Cover all bases this way. I know we will be tired by the end of it but seeming DH has been away for a week I am sure we can handle it! At the least I don't think DH will complain...

So we are all set really. I am not temping or using OPKs. Just relying on my bodies signs. Hopefully it will be loud and clear! I think I should know the signs by now...been reading them long enough.

Well I think I will give myself a little bit of an early mark and head home to hubby!