Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Called the clinic today to get an update on the thawing of our embryos.

1 is doing great and is now at 8 cell stage. The scientist said it looks 'beautiful'.

The 2nd is a little slow. Still at 4 cell stage so it hasn't grown yet. The scientist said it looked alright but isn't sure whether it will progress any further. Her advice was to leave it today and see how it looks tomorrow. So I will call for another update in the morning (along with finding out what time my FET will be).

If it hasn't grown then we will have a decision to make. Run with the 2 embies already the 8 cell and the 4 cell, or they can thaw a 3rd embryo tomorrow and see if that does any better than the current 4 cell. I'm in 2 minds...on the one side I would really like 2 8 cell (or better) embies to put back so trying a 3rd seems like a good choice, but on the other hand I don't want to waste one of our precious embies!! If we have 3 thawed then one will not be used...and I don't know if I want to do that. Better to have 4 still frozen then 3...

DH and I had a quick discussion before he left for work today and we are going to see what the scientist has to say tomorrow before we make any hard and fast decision. It's going to be a tough call...

I am happy in some respects as at least the embies survived the thaw and we still have spare, plus we have 1 really good embie to put back. But I am a little sad that the 2nd embie isn't doing as well...but I suppose tomorrow may bring some better news and perhaps this little one is just a little bit slow off the mark. I have to keep reminding myself that we got a BFP using a 4 cell embryo last perhaps this little one could still be our sticky bub!

Side effects from my range of meds are driving me a little nutty and I'm not even in the TWW yet! Having lots of cramps (which I am assuming is the pessaries fault), peeing very frequently during the night (up about 4 times on average), hot flushes (air con in our bedroom set at a cool 22 degrees so I can sleep), plus some nausea and gastro intestinal upsets just to keep things interesting...I must be so susceptible to drug side effects as I always seem to suffer whereas I hear others barely feel a thing!

So I suppose I have crossed a couple more hurdles from my list...

-CD2 scan and getting the go ahead to start the FET cycle
-transporting of our embryos from old clinic to new one (sometime between 11/4-15/4)

-CD12 scan (22/4) & getting go ahead to trigger-thawing of embryos and successfully growing them to day 5 blastos if needed (towards end of April)
-having 2 perfect (or near perfect) embryos to transfer by transfer day (end of April)
-transfer going through without a problem
-making it through TWW and to blood test date without period arriving
-good HCG levels on first blood test
-POAS and see lines increasing in darkness (and see that lovely word 'pregnant' on a digital test)
-continue to see HCG levels rising on subsequent blood tests

I won't add anymore to the list until we cross a few more from the list!

Can I just say once more how much I am enjoying ICLW?!? I have connected with lots more lovely ladies in the blogging community and I notice I have even gained a few more followers!! If I am not already following you, please leave me a comment with your blog so I can return the favour!!

Oh and I have been given an award (or 2 I think...) so I promise I will fulfill my duties that come with these next post...(actually maybe I'll double post tonight and go do it now!).


Amanda said...

I know it's a hard position to be in (and a difficult decision for sure) but I was so happy to read that your embabies survived the thaw, and will hopefully start/continue to grow.

Can't wait for another update! Good luck with your decision...

Krista said...

I love to hear good news. I'll be praying that 2nd one gets to exactly where you hope it to be before the transfer. You are getting so close excited for you! Your side-effects sound exactly like mine! Crossing all my fingers and toes for you!!!

Cyndi said...

Decisions decisions decisions! One thing I learned real quick living in the IF world is that it's all about making choices. Coming upon many forks in the road not just one. This adds to the frustration.

Hoping you have good news tomorrow!

- said...

Here from ICLW and so excited that your embies are thawing well. The 8 cell looks great and let's hope that your lil 4 cell starts moving and growing for you.
I am looking forward to reading more about your journey! Following now!

Sarah S said...

I hope your little 4 cell catches up!! I have always been a firm believer that no matter what science can do that there is something about being in their mommy's uterus that can get a little embryo to flourish!!

Good Luck!!

Happy ICLW

Rochelle said...

Wishing you the best of luck this month! Thanks for the blog award. I promise to get around to those as soon as finals are over.

New Year Mum said...

Great that you can cross a few more hurdles off your list... thinking of you heading into this transfer :)) xoxo